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Helpful Info for using Star 10 Products

Phase 1 Semi-Paste

Two things that most people do wrong with our paste stripper is:

  1. They don't put it on thick enough
  2. They don't wait long enough for it to "cook"
  • Step 1. Apply Star 10 Phase 1 Semi-Paste Stripper to an area of one square foot. Star 10 Phase 1 Semi-Paste should be applied 1/16" thick (about the thickness of a quarter). Apply it to the point that it sags and then brush the sags up. Let this sit for 30 minutes. Using a scraper, remove a 1" wide strip from the bottom edge of the first sample. If you are down to bare wood, proceed to Step 2. Otherwise, let it sit for another 30 minutes and scrape another 1" strip. Continue doing this process until you are down to bare wood. This will tell you how long to leave the product on the surface to find the right amount of "cooking" time that will soften this coating for easy removal. Remember: all coatings remove differently and need different "cooking" times.
  • Step 2. When you think all coats are softened, give it a few more minutes and proceed with the removal using a scraper and/or stubby brush.
  • Step 3. Any remaining residue will come off easily by massaging a Star 10 Strip Pad moistened with Phase 2 Liquid Stripper and wiping with a clean terry cloth rag.

Recommended Tools:

Star 10 Stripping Pads, Star 10 Trigger Sprayer, a scraper, some clean terry cloth rags, a coffee can, and one additional tool, the most useful of all, 1" to 2" chip brush (especially for crevices when removing varnish, lacquer and shellac). If the brush is hard with old paint, Phase 2 Liquid Stripper will soon clean it.


Phase 2 Liquid

Star 10 Phase 2 Liquid Stripper may be poured or applied with a saturated rag, but the best applicator is a Star 10 Trigger Spray Bottle. The Trigger Sprayer is manufactured especially for chemicals. A household sprayer will not work. You will get up to 50% more coverage per gallon with a Star 10 Trigger Sprayer applicator bottle when applying Star 10 Phase 2 Liquid Stripper.

  • Step 1. Apply a liberal amount so the surface is well wetted (not moist - WET!!!). Wait until the finish is dissolved (usually a few minutes, depending upon the age and thickness of the finish). When it is sticky or tacky, apply more Star 10 Phase 2 Liquid Stripper until this thick finish is like water. When the finish is completely dissolved, turn the piece vertically, wet the stubby brush with Phase 2 Liquid Stripper and scrub the residue off onto a plastic drop cloth or into a small cardboard box. Re-wet the surface that is being stripped as well as the stubby brush with Phase 2 Liquid Stripper as necessary. (If working on a large piece, simply wipe the dissolved finish off with an absorbent cloth, stubby paint brush or rags. You certainly do not have to turn it vertically!).
  • Step 2. With most of the finish removed, touch up any stubborn spots with a stubby brush or the strip pad, and massage those areas. Then wet a clean rag with fresh Phase 2 Liquid Stripper and wipe down all the surfaces. Immediately wipe the surface with another clean dry rag.
  • Step 3. Occasionally paint or stains will have penetrated the wood grain, especially with oak. Re-wet such surfaces with Phase 2 Liquid Stripper and massage the surface with a Star 10 Stripper Pad. The paint or stain will come out.

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